Mumbai: He may have vertigo, but that didn't stop Shahrukh Khan from performing a stunt that even left wife Gauri Khan scared.

Khan jumped from a height of 300 feet from the top of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin for a sequence in Farhan Akhtar's Don 2. Known to perform daring stunts, Khan had begun to exercise caution thanks to serious injuries that he received suffered in the past.

"When Farhan asked Shahrukh to jump, his first impulse was to say no. Then Shahrukh asked Farhan to take the plunge first, hoping that Farhan would chicken out. To Shahrukh's surprise, Farhan jumped, leaving Shahrukh with no choice but to do the same," said a source.

Apparently, both the wives were stunned and disapproved of their husbands' daring. Adhuna Akhtar and Gauri Khan asked them to refrain from doing something similar in the future.

"I was little scared, as it was my first day and it was cold. The shot needed me to be horizontally parallel to the ground," said Shahrukh.