New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Shakeel Ahmed on Sunday sought to ridicule BJP president Rajnath Singh over the issue of US visa for Narendra Modi.

"I'm in Canada, near USA. Rajnath Singhji should have been informed that in USA guardians are allowed to apply for visa only for minors," Ahmed said.

Singh had said last week that he would take up the visa issue with the US lawmakers in Washington and "will appeal to the US government to clear the US visa for the Gujarat Chief Minister".

However, responding to attack by Congress over the party chief's comment, BJP had later made it clear that Singh had not pleaded with the Obama administration for a visa for Modi and neither has the Gujarat Chief Minister applied for the same.

US administration has said that if the Gujarat Chief Minister applies for a visa, his application will be considered like any other case.

On Saturday, Ahmed, who was in London, had said on the twitter that the BJP can now appeal to US probe agency FBI to investigate the matter relating to a letter by MPs to President Barack Obama against granting visa to Modi.


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