New Delhi: Shakun Batra, who made his directorial debut with Imran Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer 'Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu', says his dream is to work with Aamir Khan.

"I have admired Aamir for a long, long time and I hope one day I will have a script that will be worth his time," the 29-year-old said.

Shakun said working with Kareena was another wish, and he is glad that he could fulfil that with his debut venture itself, which was a romantic comedy.

"I am so glad I could do it in my first film," said Shakun. Ask him if he would continue to bank on his formula, Shakun clarified he does not believe in making any particular kind of films.

"The directors that I admire – including names like Woody Allen and Sam Mendes - dabbled in varied topics successfully. I would like to do something of the sort," he added.

Another director Shakun looks up to is his mentor Karan Johar who he calls his "second father." "Karan has always guided me towards doing the right thing. Yet, he does not
impose his views and gives me his opinion, leaving me free to do my own thing."

Shakun was in the Capital recently to screen his short film "Strangers in the Night" at the Chivas Studio 2012.    "It was a completely different experience after making a film," he said. Given that Shakun had just two months from agreeing to do the project to its final screening, the pace has been frenetic.

"There was the pressure of deadline and I enjoyed it completely. As opposed to making a film, where I could work at my own pace, this kept me on my toes," he added.

Ask him about his upcoming project and Shakun said, "Well that is why I am here in Delhi. I want to spend some time here and write, before deciding on a script."


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