The country feels ashamed after the blood curdling news of death of 17 babies in just three days at BC Roy hospital, Kolkata. But the statement of the hospital’s management that such incident keeps happening is highly obnoxious and indicates their colossal insensitiveness. The Mamata government perhaps seconds the hospital’s logic because it has a given clean chit to the hospital. More surprisingly, Union Health Ministry has also done the same. Now an effort is being made to convince the country that the death of 10-12 babies in a day is not a big issue. The Health Secretary has given clean chit to the hospital without proper investigation, which clearly spells out that no lesson is learnt from such an earth-shattering case. When the ruling party itself is not much keen on the reform of health sector, it is unlikely for the scenario to change. The conditions of hospitals are poor across the country. The kind of incident which has taken place in BC Roy Hospital keeps happening in other parts of the country as well, but they hit the headline when number of deaths goes high and they are played down as the case of death of 17 babies in BC Roy Hospital is being covered up.

Truly speaking, some factors like unhygienic condition, lack of medicines and medical staff have made the situation of government hospitals from bad to worse. Neither state governments nor the Centre is keen on improving the situation of health care system in the country. That’s why India has become home to patients. It is disappointing that despite being familiar with defunct health system of the government, our policy makers seem to be satisfied with present scenario and some of them proudly say that India has become a centre of medical tourism. It is true that India is billed to be prime destination for medical tourism but it is private sector which has given the country to the present dimension. The minister and mandarins must learn that a large section of population cannot afford to get benefit of expensive medical care of private sector. It is beyond understanding, why are the Centre and state governments shying away from their responsibilities?