As the world's most populous nation struggles to grapple with the surging numbers of the old, the demographic crisis were more pronounced in Shanghai, China's biggest city with over 21 million people struggling to find workforce.
In a rare public call, an official at Shanghai's Population and Family Planning Commission which oversees the city's birth control, appealed for "qualified young couples" to have two children.
The comment came on Sunday during a consultation as part of the annual meeting of the Shanghai people's congress, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.
The official said the benefits of having a second child including family stability and social development.
Shanghai is one of the first big Chinese cities to face this population dilemma.
By the end of this year, nearly 30 percent of the population, or 4.35 million people, will be aged 60 or above, as per the figures from the municipal government. This will pose a serious challenge to China's one of the most economically dynamic cities.

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