Mumbai: Till Friday Congress was trying its best to fear the Pawar family with the tool to publish white paper over irrigation scam which allegedly involves Ajit Pawar; but NCP chief Sharad Pawar hit back at Congress using the similar tactics.

Pawar himself wanted to bring up a white paper over the irrigation scam to counter the allegations against his nephew and Maharastra Dy CM Ajit Pawar.

Pawar was speaking after presiding over the meeting with NCP legislators. He also said that his nephew will stay out of the government till the white paper on the irrigation scam is tabled in the assembly.

Ajit Pawar is allegedly involved in an irrigation scam worth Rs 30,000 crore during his tenure as the irrigation minister between 1999 and 2009.

The opposition had been constantly demanding white paper from the government over the irrigation scam. Later, Chief Minister Pritviraj Chauhan announced to publish a white paper on the irrigation scam.
Thereafter Ajit Pawar and other NCP leaders’ launched an attack on the CM saying that he has accepted the demand of opposition to bring white paper over the irrigation scam to spoil the image of Ajit Pawar and to settle score with the Dy CM. Thereafter Ajit resigned from his office on Tuesday.

NCP chief met his nephew and daughter Supriya Sule after he reached Mumbai on Friday. Later he presided over the meeting with NCP legislators where the legislators appealed to party chief to ask Ajit Pawar to withdraw his resignation.

But Sharad Pawar shocked them by endorsing the the opposition’s demand to publish a white paper on the irrigation scam as soon as possible.

Pawar gave an example of a dam project which is under construction since 1962 and is still not functional in his constituency.

Pawar threw the ball into Congress court by saying that it is the central ministry of environment which clears environment related permits for the construction of dams and this department was with Congress and NDA governments since last thirteen years.

Pawar advised other NCP ministers to continue their work in the state.


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