Also whipping up the sons-of-soil issue in run-up to October 15 Assembly elections, Raj said that he would "throw out" private security agencies in the state which are.
providing employment only to North Indian migrants, if he came to power.

"Sharad Pawar had told BJP leaders that he will also snap ties with NCP after they break up their alliance with Sena and this is how it happened exactly," Raj said.

The MNS chief was referring to the collapse of the 25-year-old alliance between Sena and BJP after the latter decided to go solo in elections over disagreement on sharing of seats. Interestingly, the NCP had announced its break-up with Congress--its alliance partner of 15 years--shortly after BJP went public with its decision.

Raj's remark came within days after former Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan's statement that NCP broke the alliance with Congress as it was cosying up with BJP.

The NCP has already denied the allegations.

Raj said that Congress, NCP, BJP and Shiv Sena are "hungry for power" and have "destroyed" Maharashtra. "Had these parties concentrated on the development of tourism in the state, more than 10 to 15 lakh youths could have got jobs," he said.

Alleging that women are not safe in the state, Raj said, "If I get elected, I would amend the law and make it mandatory for husband to transfer his house in the name of his wife."

Raj also appealed to voters to not trade their vote in return of enticements like liquor and money.

"You will only suffer if you sell out your votes for a bottle of liquor and some cash..You will have to face the consequences for the next five years," Raj said.

Targetting leaders from Marathwada region, Raj said the land in this backward region is getting barren due to neglect by politicians.

"This fact has found mention in a World Bank report. If measures are not taken to save the land, it would require more than one-and-a half centuries for it to become productive again," he said.

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