New Delhi: NDA ally JD-U on Tuesday said it could support a no-confidence motion against government brought by other parties, a significant departure from its earlier stand that it was not interested in ousting the UPA.

"We are not focused on ousting the government but if it is falling anyway, we will definitely give it a push," party chief Sharad Yadav said.

His statement came a day after Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee said that her party planned to bring a no-confidence motion against the UPA government in the next session of Parliament and sought support of other political parties in this regard.

Yadav, who had, hailed Banerjee as a "tigress" while supporting her agitation from the dais at Jantar Mantar, was however, dismissive of the formation of a federal front which Banerjee appeared keen on.

"NDA will not bring a no-confidence motion but if anybody else X Y Z brings it, we will weigh the option and decide. After all the biggest blow can come only from NDA side. We are not focussed on ousting the government but if it is falling anyway, we will definitely give it a push," Yadav, who is NDA convenor, said.

He was responding to question on how stable the UPA is in his opinion with TMC having walked out of the alliance and DMK striking a discordant note on economic reform measures.

To a specific question about his opinion on the possible emergence of a new front in the national politics, the JD(U) chief said it does not look possible "in absence of an axis".

"My personal assessment is that there can be no such alliance now. Third Front or Fourth Front were possible when Janata Dal was a national party having presence in Bihar, UP, Orissa, Karnataka and some other states. The wheel moves only, when there is an axis. That axis is not there for the formation of a new front.

"There are three alliances right now --- UPA, NDA and Left. While Congress is the axis of UPA, BJP is the axis of NDA. In the Left Front, CPI-M is the axis. That's it," Yadav said.


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