"I oppose the move of re-construction of a new building of Parliament House. It will be like destroying a historical monument and historical temple of democracy. If there is a dearth of space in accommodating the secretariat, an additional structure can be created as has been done for Parliament House Annexe.
"I do not think that any country in the world has destroyed their historical buildings. I am surprised that where Constituent Assembly met for the first time, we are planning to change that building," Yadav said in a statement.
The JD(U) chief said he had criticised decisions like changing the names of roads in a similar manner as he found it an attempt to change the history.

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"Today we are planning to re-construct Parliament building, tomorrow we will touch Rashtrapati Bhawan so on and so forth. I feel that any attempt to change buildings, trees and other architectural change in Lutyens zone will destroy the fabric of beauty in this area," he said.
To make more space in Parliament building, some temporary structures can be removed, Yadav said. "I urge the government to not think of re-construction of Parliament building which will not only be an attempt to spoil the beauty of Lutyens zone but also to change the history of India," he said.

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