“They are making so many promises, only the promise of settling people on the moon remains. This also they will say tomorrow,” Yadav said.

Yadav also lashed out at Narendra Modi for his continuous assertions that he belonged to a backward caste, questioning how many times did the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate refer to his backward caste before polling for the Lok Sabha elections.

He also asked as to what all Modi has done so far for the people belonging to backward castes.

Yadav also took to task Nitin Gadkari over his remark that ‘caste is in Bihar’s DNA’ and said the former BJP chief should tell people which is the state where castes are not present.

“Tell me one instance before polls when Modi said he is from lower caste. What has he done for them?” Yadav asked.

“Gadkari says caste is in Bihar's DNA. He should tell me one state where caste is not present,” he added.


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