Bangalore, Jan 12 (Agencies): NDA Convenor Sharad Yadav on Wednesday took an indirect swipe at alliance partner BJP as he railed against money power in electoral politics in Karnataka.

"The amount of money being spent in elections here (in Karnataka), it's not spent in the entire country", the JDU president told a press conference here. "If this does not stop, no meaning will be left to voters, democracy".

"If votes are sold for Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, where is the need for political parties. In the coming days, it will be the rule of corporates. They can give more money," said Yadav, here to attend a function on the occasion of the seventh death anniversary former Chief Minister Ramakrishna Hegde.

He appealed to the people not to be influenced by money power in elections, citing that the JDU won the Bihar polls based on the party's programmes.

Yadav did not refer to any political party as he slammed money power in electoral politics in Karnataka.

"They (BJP) are our ally. I don't want to say something to the media. I can't debate this in public. Everyday we (BJP and other NDA partners including JDU) are sitting together. Whatever I feel, I always talk to them and convey my feelings. That's all".

Yadav reiterated NDA's demand for a JPC probe into the 2G scam. "We are firm and we will not yield", he said.

Asked if the NDA would continue to demand JPC probe in the next Parliament session, he said: "It will continue. We will not yield. We will fight up to the last".

Noting that the demand was being made by all opposition parties and not just the NDA, he said the next course of action would be decide a day before the commencement of the budget session.

"We will sit together, and decide the course (of action). I will talk to all political parties and decide," he said.