In a lengthy Facebook post addressed to her fans today, Sharapova said she is grateful to them for showing her a tremendous outpouring of support.

"But I have also been aware that some - not all, but some - in the media distort, exaggerate and fail to accurately report the facts about what happened," she posted.

"A report said that I had been warned five times about the upcoming ban on the medicine I was taking. That is not true and it never happened,” she added in the post.

That's a distortion of the actual 'communications' which were provided or simply posted onto a webpage," she added. She further wrote, “I make no excuses for not knowing about the ban. I already told you about the December 22, 2015 email I received”.

Its subject line was 'Main Changes to the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme for 2016'. I should have paid more attention to it.

"The Russian star explained that the drug, Meldonium, which had been prescribed for a pre-existing condition for up to a decade, was added to a banned substance list only on this January 1, and she had 'not known'. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned the drug effective January 1.

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