The government had activated a number (9595561561) on which people can give a missed call and share their views on the Odd-Even scheme. On Monday, the Delhi Transport Department had put the number on the public domain.

In an easy procedure, where a caller just has to give a missed call to the said number and he/she will receive a ring back from the server. The caller just has to share his/her views and can attach suggestions as well on the Odd-Even formula.

On 24 January, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that the people of Delhi will decide on whether they want the Odd-Even formula back and what changes they wish to attach to the scheme. He also said the people of Delhi will decide the date and the form in which the scheme will be implemented.

If the people demand for the implementation of the policy, the government will bring the air cleansing scheme back. We will bring the policy into effect on any day, the Chief Minister added. After making the announcement, Arvind Kejriwal urged the people to share their views through mails as well on from 26 January.

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