Srinagar: In the ongoing religion conversion issue in Jammu and Kashmir, a Sharia court on Thursday issued a decree seeking the expulsion of five Christian clergymen including Pastor CM Khanna from the state.

Besides cancelling the recognition of Khidmat-e-Khalq organisation and banning its activities, the court also issued an order to include Islamic studies in missionary school curriculum and prayer written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal in the morning assembly.

The Sharia court also asked the converted Muslims to re-adopt Islam or face severe consequences.

Those expelled by the court include chief Pastor of All Sainta Church CM Khanna, Gyur Masih, Chandrakanta Khanna and cleric Jim Borst.

However, Professor Naseem Rafiabadi, Islamic Studies, Kashmir University, Advocate Rashid Hanjura, Professor Iqbal Baba and Advocate Bazmee termed as associates by Khanna, were freed of all the charges.

On the basis of statements of the witnesses, the court said, “Muslim youth were not only lured by money to adopt Christianity but were also promised marriage and settlement in California.”

The Sharia court accused the oldest missionary schools in the state like Biscoe and Mellinson, Tyndale Bisco, Burnhall and Convent of distancing Musim youth from Islam and attracting them towards Christianity.

The court has however, reserved its decision on cases related to quake victims living in houses built by Christian missionaries at a cost of Rs 7 crores.

For the record, the court had conducted a trial after a video clip which surfaced on October 25 last year, showed Khanna baptising seven Muslim youths at a church.

On the basis of this CD, Grand Mufti of Kashmir Mufti Bashiruddin summoned chief Pastor CM Khanna to the Sharia court.

On November 17, 2011, Khanna’s statements were recorded in the court in the presence of several Muslim leaders on basis of which the decision was announced on Thursday.