Sunanda Pushkar has accused journalist Mehr Tarar of stalking her husband and trying to ‘break’ her marriage when she was away for treatment for three to four months and reportedly alleged that Tharoor was having an 'extramarital affair' with Pakistan-based scribe and added that Mehr would 'seek divorce'.

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Mehr, who is based in Lahore, is a mother of a 13-year-old son and an op-ed writer and a contributor to a Pakistani daily.
Sunanda said that Tharoor and she are  happily married and accused the journalist of trying to berate her for some strange reasons. She further alleged that Tarar wanted to have a ‘relationship’ with her husband and asked her to stay away.
As the indecorous controversy surrounding Tharoor escalated amid exchange of some intimate messages, Tarar dismissed the allegations as untrue and said that she was totally amused. She said that Sunanda has gone out of her mind.
Tarar said that she will file a defamation suit against Sunanda for defaming her by alleging she was an agent of Pakistan's spy agency ISI.
"I have nothing to say to a woman clearly out of her mind. To be called an ISI agent, a stalker. I have nothing to add. Just shows who she is," she tweeted.
"So I 'stalk' on bbm and phone. The last I checked it was a two-way thing, or maybe technology changed while I 'stalked'? For a woman to trash another woman linking her w/her husband is the lowest form of sickness ever. It's nauseous. No respect for her marriage," the journalist said in a series of tweets.

Tarar said that she had great respect for Tharoor and that everything about him on her Twitter account was on her timeline. She said that Tharoor's view on politics had always fascinated her. How can somebody stalk on phone? she asked, and added that Sunanda's tweets are crazy.
Sunanda claimed on Twitter that she was posting from her husband's account, intimate private messages sent to him by Tarar, to show the world "how she is stalking my h .."
Sunanda later said that her information from Pakistan was that the journalist was ‘wired’ to suggest she had links with an intelligence agency.
The Twitter handle of Tharoor, one of the most popular Indian politicians on the networking site, was hacked yesterday and some wacky tweets were sent from it to Tarar.
The tweets instantly created a buzz on social media websites.
"Sorry folks, my @Twitter account has been hacked & will be temporarily deactivated. Bear with me while we solve this," he told his followers in his page.
Most of the tweets from his hacked account were addressed to Tarar, who was taken aback by the flurry of messages from the minister's handle.


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