In a letter to Ajay Maken, chairman of the AICC Communication Department, he has said that ‘by praising him (Modi) for specific things, we help frame public expectation of his continued behaviour and raise the bar against which we will judge him in future’.
Tharoor's letter comes against the backdrop of strong criticism from Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar calling him ‘immature’ and a ‘chameleon’.  He had said on Thursday that he was ‘deeply disappointed’ that an ‘intelligent’ man like Tharoor should want to rush to judgement in this manner and come out with this effusive remarks.
Another senior leader Digvijay Singh on Friday advised Tharoor, who had written an article in an American news website in which he had said that Modi was looking to turn himself from a "hate figure into an avatar of modernity and progress", not to jump to conclusions.
The Congress party itself had on Friday distanced from Tharoor's praise of Modi and said that they were his personal views.
Party sources said that it feels the matter should be put to rest now with Tharoor's explanation.

"Our credibility as attacker will be far greater if we have been gracious when it seems to be warranted," Tharoor said adding it would be all the better to attack him when he reveals his true face.
"We can attack him on actions and policies with which we disagree," he said.
The Congress MP from Thirvananthapuram reiterated his commitment to the party and its secular principles.
He has also maintained that his views have been misrepresented in the media.
On Thursday, Tharoor said that he was not a 'Modi fan' and that his party would robustly attack him if he reverts to 'Modi 1.0' avatar.

On being asked to comment on the controversy surrounding Tharoor's remarks and his subsequent explanation, Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmed said that the party has already noted that the comments were the Thirvananthapuram MP's personal views.
"Tharoor has further explained about his personal views. He has now explained it in detail and made it clear that his intention was not to say what was interpreted of his remarks in the media. The party has already made it clear that it is too early to comment on the functioning of the government," Ahmed said.


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