Jamshedpur: In a bid to dispel its ill-reputation of serving unhygienic food, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have decided to serve low-calorie food to the passengers.

The new menu would be on offer from July 1 for Passengers aboard the Jamsedhpur Shatabdi Express.

According to reports, IRCTC will offer herbal tea, boiled vegetables, double toned milk, white bread and sprouted grains and salads to the passengers.

IRCTC manager AK Majhi said, “We will take care of the health of passengers and provide them balanced and nutritious food.” 

After complaints about the quality of food being served on trains, responsibility of serving food on several trains was taken away from the IRCTC and its left with only a few trains in its kitty.

The IRCTC has ordered its chefs to reduce the quantity of oil being used in food so as to make the menu optional even for people suffering diabetes and acidity.

On the demand of passengers, IRCTC is also mulling over continental and Chinese dishes on its menu.