Sinha, who has been critical of the party leadership over a host of issues, also took a dig at it, saying the 'party with a difference has become party with differences'. Sinha hailed Azad, who has targeted Jaitley over alleged corruption in DDCA, as the 'hero of the day' and warned the party against taking any coercive action against a friend fighting corruption, saying it could boomerang.

"As for FM (Finance Minister), issue should be fought politically not legally. As advised by our dashing, dynamic PM, our FM cud follow Advaniji's example and come clean," he said in a tweet.

He was apparently referring to Advani's decision to resign after he was named an accused in the Hawala case. "Kirti Azad-hero of the day. Humble appeal to friends. Avoid knee jerk reaction, coercive action against friend who is fighting against corruption,” Sinha added.

"Have often quoted Newton's 3rd Law. Feel that untimely action could boomerang. Sadly, party with a difference has become party with differences," Sinha said in other tweets.

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