United Nation:  Lauding India's huge success in the cooperative movement in dairy and agriculture sectors, senior BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha is in favour of a similar initiative to meet global food and energy security.
"India's experience with the cooperatives has been singularly successful. This has been duly noted by Secretary General of United Nations," Sinha said in the 66th UN General Assembly on Monday.
Sinha, a Lok Sabha member representing Patna Saheb in Bihar, delivered the statement on behalf of India at the UN General Assembly on the occasion of the Launch of international Year of Cooperatives - 2012.
The actor-politician, who served as a Union minister in the NDA government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, said cooperative movements could address the burning issues of global food and energy security.
"India calls upon member states, the UN system, Civil Society and private sector to strongly advocate cooperative movement in this regard", Sinha said.
"This would be most timely, as the global community prepares to renew its commitment to sustainable development at the RIO+20 Conference (on sustainable development) next year," he said.
The BJP leader cited the success story of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation which sells its product under brand name "Amul" and milk cooperative under the brand "Sudha" in his home state Bihar.
“A milk cooperative Amul is a household name in India. Behind the brand stands a milk marketing federation, a union of 15,712 village milk cooperatives comprising 3 million milk producers with a daily milk collection of 12 million litres and supported by one million retailers," he told the gathering.
Similarly, milk cooperative under the brand name "Sudha" has contributed significantly to ensuring healthy, nutritive and affordable dairy and dairy products to the people in Bihar, he added.
The Indian Farmers' Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), the largest fertiliser producing cooperative in Asia, is another steller example of cooperative success in India, Sinha said.