This has emerged in a mail addressed to Peter Mukerjea in November 2014, two years after Sheena's death, in which Indrani said she never stopped Peter from talking to Rabin, according to the chargesheet filed by the CBI in the case.

"I don't recall telling you at any point that you should not call or mail or chat with Rabin, neither that thought ever crossed my mind, wonder why it crossed your mind", Indrani said.

"Rabin has not yet stooped to Rahul's level. So who is talking about no contact and why ?", the mail read.

According to CBI, Rahul and Sheena were in a relationship, which both Peter and Indrani disapproved of.

 Rahul and Sheena were engaged and about to get married. But when Sheena went 'missing' after April 2012,Rahul grew suspicious. Worried, he is also said to have sought legal advice and had warned Peter (in one of his mails in May 2012) that Sheena's disappearance could lead to something 'untoward'.

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