"We just interrogated the third accused (Khanna) and he has confessed to his complicity in the crime," Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria told reporters after Indrani, wife of former STAR CEO Peter Mukerjea, her driver Shyam Rai and Khanna were brought face to face along with her son Mikhail Bora.

Khanna had earlier claimed that he was sleeping when 24-year-old Sheena was murdered and found her dead in the vehicle.

"Yesterday morning we have recovered the skeletal remains of the deceased Sheena Bora. We have also recovered her passport from Dehradun today. This would negate the theory that Sheena went to US. Further inverstigations are going on," he said.
Maria said the skeletal remains would be sent for DNA test today.

"We have interrogated Mikhail as well and he has also given us some points which we are verifying," Maria said.
As the probe into the mysterious murder gathered pace yesterday with the questioning of Khanna, who the police said played a role in the abduction of the victim along with her mother and driver and killed her in Pen in Raigad more than three years ago.

Another important person who was questioned yesterday for possible clues to the murder was Mikhail, brother of Sheena, who was  brought from Guwahati.  He had been making claims that he has evidence to prove why his mother killed Sheena, saying he but he would give it to police.

He said he would cooperate fully with police because he was seeking justice for his sister.

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