"My email has been hacked, and so blocked for 24 hours according to Google. If you got an email from me that you can't open, don't try. It's a virus," Kapur posted on his Twitter page post midnight on Monday.

Kapur, who is seen on "Pradhan Mantri", an episodic weekly programme which narrates controversial tales from Indian history from 1947 to the present day, defended the show.

"Till previous episodes, 'Pradhan Mantri' was accused of being Congress-centric. Now it's being accused of being anti-Congress. It’s just history," he added.

Seeing the concern over his hacked email account, he posted a message for his Twitter followers: "Thanks everyone for the concern on my hacked email. No, it's not the government of India on account of 'Pradhan Mantri'. They would not stoop so low."


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