Coughing, sneezing and sniffing every now and often surely is one thing that nobody wants to do. In case, you fall sick very often, don't be worried. Here, we bring you ways to protect yourself from diseases.

The 'sunshine' vitamin

Though consumption of all kinds of vitamins are fairly important, Vitamin D stands apart from the list as it is responsible for the improved resistance against certain diseases.

Exercise and meditate

While exercising is good for your physical health, meditation is important for your mental health. Both these practices relieve stress and provide freshness to your body and soul.

Consume raw food

Not only that the raw food is high on nutritional value, it is also comparatively easy to digest. Apart from that, consuming raw food has many other benefits such as glowing skin, more energy and fit body.

Be more social

You might not be knowing but those who are socially active are more likely to live longer. Surprised? Having more friends and being socially active don't let you feel aloof and thus provide you mental peace and happiness.

Wash your hands

How often do we realise that most of the diseases spread through touch. Well, now that you know, wash your hands regularly so that you don't fall sick again.

Fresh air

Breathing in fresh morning air is as important as any other point. Morning air is rich in oxygen which is vital for proper functioning of the body.