Lucknow: In-laws may invite trouble if they force their daughter-in-law to abort as All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) is going to take initiative to stem female foeticide in the Muslim community.

Strongly opposing the rising cases of female foeticide, the Board, is mulling to set up a helpline for registering complaints of abortions forced by in-laws.

The move will enable a woman, carrying a girl child in her womb, to lodge complaint on the helpline and the Board will help her out.

The Board will caution husband against female foeticide. If he insists, his family will face social boycott and nobody will tie any relation with them.

Speaking to ‘Dainik Jagran’, AISPLB president Maulana Mirza Mohammed Athar said that the proposal will be approved during the two-day convention which is going to begin here from Saturday.

He said abortion is forbidden in Islam and is justifiable only when the woman’s life is at stake.

Replying to question that the complaint will affect woman’s married life, the AISPLB president said that the fear of social boycott will secure her position in the in-laws family.

‘Mehar’ before marriage

The Shia Board will also propose to make payment of ‘mehar’ compulsory before the marriage, because there are many cases reported that the groom does not pay mehar after divorce.

According to the custom in Muslim community, the groom side pledges the ‘mehar’ amount before nikaah. When the marriage breaks up and couple opts for a divorce, husband is supposed to pay ‘mehar’ to his wife.

This proposal is expected to be passed by the Board.

Law for mass marriage

During the two-day meet in Lucknow, the Board will also decide on mass weddings in order to cut down expenses. Maulana Athar said that day after day weddings are getting costlier and due to this it becomes difficult for economically weak parents to wed their daughters.
According to the Board, if such practice is followed, the marriage expenses will slump.