New Delhi: Stressing the need for administrative reforms, Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit
On Wednesday complained that it was "frustrating" for those in the government who try to move ahead when CAG reports or other procedures always come up to hinder them.

"We never seem to move forward and whenever we do... there is always that CAG report or something else report which might say why did you move faster than you should have that
L1 (lowest bidder) which we have, which may not be the best quality," Dikshit said.

"I think somewhere, and I particularly appeal to Dr Montek Ahluwalia ji, that we must improve and better our decision making systems which are really really very very slow," she said.

Dikshit, who has herself faced pressure in the past due to unfavourable observations on Commonwealth Games CAG reports, was speaking at a function organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) where Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia was present.

"Even those of us who are in government find it very frustrating that somethings we have to go over and over again," Dikshit said raising the demand for the changes in the administrative system.

"We need to change our system of administration. Take much quicker decisions and not decisions based only on the cheapest price but also by the nature of quality.

"Otherwise, I am afraid if we carry on rules and regulations made in 1898 or 1908, we will not be able to move at a fast rate that we all want to," Dikshit said and added that she hoped that the industry would help the government to move ahead.

Later, interacting with the audience, Dikshit said the "resistance in the bureaucratic system that we have has to be experienced to be believed... because I face it every day."

"It is the archaic rules and regulations with which nobody wants to cross the line and as I also say or whoever is the decision maker feels scared that what the CAG may say or the CVC."

Dikshit said that while there had been economic and administrative reforms but more needed to be done.

Dikshit also told the gathering that that the revenue collection of her government in Delhi had increased in what was being called as an year of slowdown.

"This year, a file did come to me that our tax collection which is supposed to be a year of slowing down, has increased this year that 2011-2012 till February over 27 per cent."

The Delhi CM said that though taxes had not been raised but it had been easier for citizens to pay them, which had resulted in the increase in revenue.