Hooda met Modi at his residence and discussed development issues relating to the state.
"The Haryana Chief Minister was invited by the Prime Minister for tea and he went to meet him to uphold the dignity of the office of the Prime Minister. A lot of discussion took place including issues concerning Haryana's development," Hooda's media adviser Shiv Bhattia said.
It was not know whether the issue of hooting cropped up during the short meeting.
The meeting comes three days after Hooda, a Congress leader, was left fuming as a hostile crowd hooted him at a function in Modi's presence in Kaithal in Haryana.
The Chief Minister had later blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the incident and vowed to stay away from such events in future.

Modi and BJP have come under attack over the hooting incidents with detractors saying the two have done nothing to check their supporters from indulging in it.

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