London: Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie says it is very funny to watch her partner Brad Pitt teach their daughter Shiloh to ride quad bikes because the youngster doesn't listen.
Jolie, 36, says five-year-old Shiloh is more interested in speed than careful handling of the four-wheeled vehicle, as reported.
"It's very funny to watch Brad try to teach Shiloh because she doesn't want to listen. She doesn't want Dad to sit on the back. She doesn't want to learn about the brakes. She just wants to go! It's the combination of the two of us," she said.
The 'Salt' star also compared their eight-year-old son Pax to a "punk rocker" because he has a "good heart" beneath his "wild" exterior.
"He is extremely wild, but he has a very, very good heart. You know, like those punk rockers - when you really get to know them and they are just pussycats. But at the same time, he is going to get in some kind of trouble," she added.