YaP combines eastern philosophy of yoga, ancient oriental principles of balancing vital energy with the western technology of physiotherapy by using bio-energy stimulation.

Shilpa, who launched the programme along with VLCC founder and mentor Vandana Luthra, said, “I always believed in dreaming big and this was an attempt to give something new to the Indian market. It's a welcome change. I love the philosophy of East meeting West in terms of technology.”

Apart from pain relief, the other benefits of the services include recovery from muscle, joint, tendon and ligament injuries. Those suffering from sleep disorders and chronic fatigue can be helped too.

YaP services will initially be offered at VLCC's 167 slimming, beauty and fitness centers in the country. Shilpa also thanked her younger sister Shamita and husband Raj Kundra for giving shape to her dream.

“I have to thank Shamita, who was always taken for granted. She has been really wonderful in translating my vision. She is an interior designer and has designed the prototype of YaP, which will be carried out at all YaP centers in VLCC stores.

“I also want to thank Raj for doing all the ground work for the project. I have no idea how to initiate a business and this would have never been possible without his acumen. Thank you so much," said the actress.


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