Mumbai: Pregnancy may have made Shilpa Shetty take it easy, but the actress is still keen to do whatever she can within her capacity. Her hubby Raj Kundra along with Sanjay Dutt is launching a mixed martial arts fighting league in the country soon, and Shilpa has taken upon the onus of selecting and styling the cheer girls for the tournament.

As the cheer girls inject the oomph quotient at such sporting events, who better than the glam Shilpa herself to spruce them up? Says Shilpa, "I can't be actively involved in running around daily but auditioning the ring girls is something which I believe is extremely important and I can help in that."

Presently the auditions are underway for the selection and the actress is keen to find the right candidates the girls have to be hot and beautiful. She adds, "I am in the process of shortlisting the ring girls. They are such an important part of the tourney as they get equally noticed as the contestants. As this is a new project for us, we are leaving no stone unturned to make the event enjoyable coupled with the glam factor." She is also looking forward to styling them for the event. Her designer buddies Shantanu and Nikhil will aid in dressing up the girls.

She adds, "I'm grateful to Shantanu and Nikhil for being helping us. They are super designers and we will make sure that we can raise the oomph factor to dizzying heights." Shilpa is currently in the seventh month of her pregnancy so she can still do her bit for the league that is slated to kick off from March 11.

Whenever possible she will also attend but it looks like she will have to give a miss to their other sporting tourney. As co-owner of the Indian Premier League franchisee Rajasthan Royals Shilpa will skip the Twenty20 matches which is slated to start in April.