Highlighting the beauty of Indian democracy, he said that members from the ruling and the Opposition sides might vociferously air their differences over various issues in Parliament but they do not carry those sentiments outside the House.
He said that the outgoing Lok Sabha had enacted a number of landmark laws like Lokpal Act, Food Security Act and Land Acquisition Act.
"We took decisions together on a number of subjects that have been pending for long," Shinde said, recalling the achievements of the Lok Sabha.
Referring to the Telangana bill, which was passed by the House earlier this week, he said that he was ‘obliged’ to the BJP for its support.
He said he was not sure whether BJP would support the bill but ‘you did not sit on the prestige that the announcement for creation of the new state had been made by Sonia Gandhi 10 years back and you had also promised it.’
Specifically, choosing Swaraj for the eloquent praise, Shinde said, "Aap ki baat mein mithaas hai, mithai khane se bhi woh mithaas nahi hoti (your tone is very sweet, it is sweeter than the sweets)."

The Leader of the Lok Sabha said that the manner in which BJP helped in passing the Telangana Bill is commendable.
Observing that nothing can happen without opposition in a democracy, Shinde said that the opposition must be such which would be ready to help in a constructive manner.
He mentioned leaders of various other opposition parties, including Samajwadi Party, BSP, Left, DMK and AIADMK to hail their contribution to the functioning of the House.
The passing of Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Act was a ‘milestone’. We passed the Lokpal and Street Vendors Bill. Criminal Law Amendment Bill was passed which provided security to women, he said.
Highlighting how the parties from across the ideological spectrum can come together on major issues, he mentioned the unity displayed by the members in the aftermath of gruesome gang-rape and murder on a 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi in December 2012.
"Just one incident shook us so badly and the House passed the (Criminal Law Amendment) Bill. Despite differences we rose to the occasion, and passed the Bill with unanimity, which we usually don't see (in the House)," Shinde said, recalling the developments that took place at that time.
Lauding the effort of Speaker Meira Kumar in managing the House, Shinde said, "It was not an easy job, it was a difficult job."
He also drew attention to the incident of pepper spray in the House last week and said, "Pushing, shoving happened, then I was afraid."
At these comments, he was interrupted by some members who said that the Home Minister of the country is not supposed to be afraid of anything.
Responding to this barb, Shinde said, "I am not afraid to shoulder responsibility.”


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