The word was also used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in jest in his speech to the Australian Parliament last month.The Australian National Dictionary Centre, based at The Australian National University (ANU), chose shirtfront after the word gained prominence when Abbott threatened to shirtfront Putin in October ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane.

"Shirtfront was little known outside of its sporting context, as a type of hip and shoulder bump of an opponent in Australian Rules football, and in Rugby where it refers to grabbing an opponent's jersey," Australian National Dictionary Centre Director Dr Amanda Laugesen said in a statement.

The figurative use has been around for some years, however Abbott's threat to shirtfront Putin, and the word itself, was widely discussed and satirised in the Australian and international media.

"After the G20 summit in Brisbane, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi both used the term in jest in their speeches to the Australian Parliament," Laugesen said.

On November 18, Modi addressed the Australian Parliament in Canberra and took a playful dig at his Australian counterpart. "I'm the third head of the government you are listening to this week, I do not know how you are doing this! May be, this is Prime Minister Abbott's way of shirt fronting you,"Modi said.

The word was chosen from a shortlist including the terms, Team Australia, man-bun, Ned Kelly beard and coward punch. Man-bun is a hairstyle worn by a man where hair is drawn into a coil at the back of the head.

"The style became popular among young urban men and hipsters and celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and Harry Styles," Laugesen said. The Ned Kelly beard, a full beard sported by many young men is a beard reminiscent of that worn by Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.Coward punch, is a knockout punch or blow delivered from behind.

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