Mumbai: As Shiv Sena has called for Mumbai bandh on August 1 on the issue of free housing for mill workers, it is all set to show off its power in the city before the Mumbai Municipal Polls, which is going to be held after six months.

While attending a rally of mill workers, the Executive President of Shiv Sena, Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday announced the Mumbai Bandh demanding the implementation of a Supreme Court order which had ordered residence facilities for workers in 2006.

Years before, mill workers had played a vital role to strengthen Shiv Sena in Mumbai. With the support of these workers, the Shiv Sena had launched a protest against the communist parties in Mumbai.

Shiv Sena had also protested the textile mill workers’ strike in 1981 which was led by the then trade union leader, Dr Dutta Samant. The protest led closure of many mills in Mumbai which caused job loss to many workers.

Mumbai High Court had reviewed the whole issue and had ordered to provide residences at cheap rates to the mill workers but to date the workers are waiting for home.

At last, workers of nine different mill organizations planned to launch a protest against the state government. In their move they have invited BJP, Republican party and MNS along with Shiv Sena.