The anarchy that was prevalent during the last government's tenure has left a lasting impression on the minds of people and Mahajan too is yet to come out of that mindset he said.
"If he carried a revolver with him, what's wrong with that? Whoever has a license has the right to tuck in his weapon. Girish Mahajan's right remains in spite of him being a minister," the Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamana'.
"The lives of common man and people's representatives was at risk during the erstwhile government's tenure. Nobody could predict which bullet will kill whom. This insecurity is yet to leave the minds of people and thus Mahajan too is reeling under the mindset. The present government cannot be held responsible for the failures of the previous government," it said.
"The Opposition saying anything about law and order is a joke in itself. Tomorrow they may ask why does Shivaji Maharaj has a sword tucked in his waist. Weapons in hands of authorities are for the safety of common man?" he said.

"The minister has not looted the Water Resources Ministry using his weapon, then why does the Opposition has an objection to his weapon," Sena said.
Mahajan attended a deaf and dumb children's event in Jalgaon on Sunday with his revolver tucked in his waist which was very much visible for everyone, after which the NCP demanded his resignation. He hails from Jalgaon district.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also defended his Cabinet colleague, saying he has not broken any law. The minister later clarified that he carries the weapon for self-defence and that he has not been involved in any kind of violence.

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