According to reports, Shiv Sena leaders would at the end of the two-day party conclave that would end in Bandra on Thursday demand that Thackeray be declared the chief ministerial candidate.

Meanwhile, the present situation is sending feelers that the idea to let Uddhav steer the helm of Maharashtra might rile the BJP which has made it clear that the Chief Minister would be decided after the elections, depending on the number of seats won by respective parties.

According to BJP, the party that will win the maximum seats in the upcoming assembly polls will get the opportunity to select the Chief Minister.

The Shiv Sena, which seems to be adamant, is prudently not ready to share more assembly seats with the BJP for the palpable reason of its unwillingness to part from the chiefministership.

The Shiv Sena would contest 169 seats, leaving only 119 for the BJP. Hence, the Shiv Sena stands a better chance of winning more seats.

Shiv Sena leaders including Sanjay Raut speaking in ubiquitous tone say that Uddhav would be the chief ministerial candidate.


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