"Modi's marriage was just a formality. Swami Samarth Ramdas ran way from the midst of his wedding rituals to dedicate his life for society. While Modi and his wife mutually separated and Modi went on to be the RSS pracharak. Why should the Congress speak for Jasodhaben, when she has no complaints," an editorial in party mouth piece 'Saamna' said.

The editorial ridiculed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, a bachelor, for targeting Modi over his personal matters and also dragged Union Minister Shashi Tharoor into it, saying if the Congress was so concerned about Jasodhaben it should also take up the cause of Sunanda Pushkar, who was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

"Foolish people turn blind eye to their own mistakes and feel sense of pride to find fault in others," it said.

"What has Modi's marriage got to do with common man and issues of price rise, corruption?" the editorial asked.

"Will anti-India activities in our neighbourhood stop, will Dawood Ibrahim be brought back to the country. Will farmers' suicides in Maharashtra end?” the editorial further asked.

"Those who feel by raking up this issue, they can put Modi in legal trouble are living in fool's paradise," the editorial added, referring to Congress complaint to the Election Commission.

Speaking at an election rally at Doda last week, Rahul led the Congress charge against Modi for suppressing his marital status and alleged that the Gujarat Police, at the behest of the BJP leader, had "stalked" a young woman violating her privacy.

"What kind of women's empowerment and dignity is this?" Rahul had asked.


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