In a full front page advertisement in the party organs, Saamana and Dopaharka Saamana on Wednesday, the Shiv Sena proclaimed: "Dhanushyabaan Ki Tankaar Hai, Aani Ab Apni Sarkar Hai!"Dhanushyabaan, or bow and arrow is the Shiv Sena's traiditional election symbol.

Similarly, in other big advertisements released in the Mumbai media, it virtually termed the rival parties as demon king Ravana.

"Ravana was not killed by hand (Congress symbol), a clock (NCP) or a flower (implying BJP's Lotus). He was taken down by a bow and arrow," the advertisements said.

"Take down the evils of corruption, load-shedding, policy paralysis, bad governance by voting for the bow and arrow," it exhorted voters.

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