"I am not a wicket of cricket. I am like Angad's (mythological character in Ramayana) foot and all Congressmen even if they come together would not be able to displace me from my position," Chouhan said addressing BJP MLAs in the State Assembly auditorium after he was not allowed to reply on the adjournment motion moved by the Congress on the ‘mega’ exam scam.
"During the Congress regime, appointments were made by just relaxing rules including in Rewa district where large number of such recruitments were made without any rules and regulations and my government will probe all such cases," Chouhan said.
Citing an example of such appointments, he said, "A hand pump mechanic was made a government school teacher by just relaxing rules."
The Chief Minister termed all allegations levelled by Congress against him and his family as ‘baseless and misleading’ aimed at deviating ongoing Special Task Force (STF) probe into the Professional Examination Board scam.
He said that the MP High Court has already dismissed 14 petitions filed by various persons demanding CBI probe into the scam and expressed satisfaction over the ongoing investigations.
Besides it is also regularly monitoring the probe.
"By not allowing me to reply on the adjournment motion in the House, the Congress has murdered democracy in the Assembly and violated the Constitution," Chouhan said.
The Chief Minister said that on the basis of an anonymous complaint received on June 20, 2013, he had ordered Indore police to conduct investigations and later when number of persons were arrested in the case and it became clear that it was not a normal case, the government constituted the STF to probe the scam.
"Had our intentions been not honest at that time, we could have not constituted the STF and would have allowed many persons to escape," he said.


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