Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh opposition leader Ajay Singh on Wednesday appealed to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to cut taxes on fertilisers instead of resorting to  a "symbolic" protest for rollback of the hike in their prices.

Ajay was reacting to Chouhan's announcement of undertaking a one-day fast on June 15 to protest the "steep" hike in prices of fertilisers and their immediate rollback.

"Chouhan is a failure in running his government. He announces fasts every two to three months to portray himself as a leader interested in the welfare of people. By resorting to fasts every now and then Chouhan has only shown that he has still not learnt to act and behave like a chief minister," Ajay said in a statement.

He further said the chief minister could have reduced state taxes imposed on fertilisers to help farmers "but may be this was never his intention".


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