Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday started a 24-hour fast in support of the 'Satyagarha' launched by Baba Ramdev to bring back the black money and to protest the police action at Ramleela Ground in Delhi.

Chouhan would observe his fast till 10 am on Tuesday.

Condemning the midnight action of Delhi Police on thousands of protestors, Chauhan said, “Manhandling women, elderly persons and children is against the democratic principles and the Constitutional norms.”

Chouhan would be discharging his official duties as per scheduled and would take only water during the fast.

Delhi Police forcibly removed the protesters camping in support of Baba Ramdev who was holding his Satyagraha demanding concrete action by the Central government to bring back black money stashed abroad and enact stringent laws to punish people hoarding black money.

Delhi Police also arrested Ramdev and fished him to Dehradun. Ramdev has been banned from entering Delhi for 15 days.