The pacer while advocating increased pay for the national team and domestic players also agreed that there needed to be a level of accountability for the players as well.
"I think players need to be paid more. Nothing wrong with that because cricket boards make money because of the players but they must also be held accountable for their performances and if a player does not perform upto mark he should be demoted in the central contract category immediately," Akhtar said.
The fast bowler also predicted with more money coming into cricket because of the T20 foreign leagues such as IPL, players will be forced to reconsider their playing options.
"It is going to happen because if a player is getting a hefty three to four year contract in a T20 league he will think about his future and how long he can continue to play in all formats of the game," Akhtar said.
The former pacer said there were several examples in recent times where top players decided to quit other formats and focus on T20 cricket because they wanted to prolong their careers.
"Nowadays there is lot of money in cricket that is why at times I am amazed why someone as talented as Muhammad Aamir needed to do something wrong to earn money. He could have earned wealth beyond his imagination if he had only got a IPL contract and played for a English county," he added.


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