According to reports, the whole incident happened when the 45-year-old patient was bought to hospital in an unconscious state. Dr. Rohan Rohekar who was on duty at that moment examined the patient by just  checking his pulse and immediately declared him dead.

Although according to hospital procedures, a patient's dead body is supposed to be kept in casualty ward for two hours to wait for signs of revival. But this did not happened here. Dr Rohan Rohekar immediately asked the staffers to take the body to morgue.

Later, the body was taken to the mortuary. What happened after that may come as a horror film scene but the patient who was declared dead woke up, minutes before his post-mortem.

Hearing about the incident when the police from the Sion police station arrived they were not allowed to see the diary entry about the death. The doctor even refused to show the already dumped documents of the patient.

The Sion police placed the blame for the error on the doctor who had checked the patient. They said that the doctor had not even bothered to take the patient inside the casualty ward and check him there, and declared the man dead after a cursory pulse check.

Hospital dean, Dr Suleman Merchant had also admitted to mid-day that the doctor had failed to keep the body in the ward for a mandatory observation period of two hours, called the cooling down period, during which there is still a chance of revival.

Well, the doctor's negligence in the incident is surely beyond words. It actually showcases the health standards existing in our country. Be careful the next time you give a visit to the hospital!


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