Reports suggest a very strange but true incident where a women decided to take revenge from her mother-in-law by urinating in the same tea pot in which she served  tea to them from past one year.

It said, Rekha was not very happy in her arranged marriage with her husband Deepak. Following which she decided to leave her in-laws home to stay with her parents.

Although later her husbaand pleaded and called them back. Rekha agreed only on the conditions that he will carry all the neccessary household activities and also will massage her foot for which her husband agreed keeping in mind the welfare of his four-year-old daughter.

When Reka in-laws stopped their son from following her demands and instructions Rekha decided to take revenge from them by urinating in their tea.

After the shameful incident came into limelight Reka's in-law are demanding justice however reports suggest that police has refused to file a case.


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