Here, we bring a list of unconfirmed stories of UFO sightings that left the world amazed:

1. Battle of Los Angeles, 1942 : After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, an unidentified flying object was sighted flying around the city of Los Angeles.

2. Captain William Schaffner incident, 1970: An unidentified flying object was picked up by the radar in USA . Captain William Schaffner while flying saw a conical object but he lost all contacts with the base station. It was only after three months that his plane was discovered undamaged on the seabed but no trace of his body was found.

3. Colares, Brazil, 1977: The Brazilian island of Colares saw frequent visits of UFO type objects in 1977. These objects were witnessed by hundreds of people who were attacked with light beams by the objects and left them hurt. Many people fell unconscious and woke up with anemia. Most of the inhabitants of the island fled due to repeated attacks by these objects.

4. Japan Airlines Flight, 1986: The Japanese Boeing 747 cargo aircraft was en route from Paris to Tokyo carrying a shipment of wine when the airlines crew witnessed unidentified objects. The brightly flying object flew close to the aircraft and the heat from the flying object was felt by the pilot. The pilot asked for a change of course to avoid the unidentified objects and later the objects were traced on the radar.

5. Mantell UFO incidet, 1948: This was one of the most popular and tragic UFO incident that happened in the year 1948.  Captain Mathews F Mantell was flying F-51 when many people of Mansville city reported of UFO sightings. A large metallic flying craft was clearly visible from the Godman Air Force Base. As captain Mantell tried to investigate the flying craft closely, he climbed to 22,000 feet following the object. It is reported that he died due to lack of oxygen and his flight crashed down near Franklin, Kentucky.

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