Here, we bring you some weird and shocking wedding traditions followed in different parts of the world. Take a look:

Kidnapping the bride in Romania

Okay, this strange tradition followed in Romania involves kidnapping the bride. This is known as marriage by arrest which also involves elopements. Here, there is a strong belief that if a person manages to convince a girl for kidnap and live with her for 2-3 days, then the girl will be officially called his wife.

Bride to deliver minimum two kids in Sudan

In Southern Sudan, the marriage ritual is not complete till the time the bride doesn't give birth to two babies. If the bride any how fails to do so, then her groom can divorce her.

Bride cries for a month before the wedding in China

Little weird but indeed true. In China, a bride is supposed to practise crying for a  month before her wedding. The bride cries for an hour daily and after 10 days even her mother, grandmothers and sisters join her in this ritual. For Tujia people in China, crying means confirming a happy married life.

Blackening of bride in Scotland

This strange ritual is followed in Scotland where before the wedding, the bride is given an unexpected surprise. She is given a perfect treatment of all the foul food items and disgusting things available and later tied to a tree. The belief behind this is that if the Scottish bride can bear this, then she can easily handle everything including her marriage.

Holding the shit in Malaysia

In Malaysia's Tidong community in Northern Borneo, the just married are not allowed to take a dump or even pee for at least three days. It's a big no for 'bathroom'. It is believed that if the couple do not follow this tradition, then it might bring bad luck for their married life.

Disturbing couple as much as possible on their first wedding night

Well, this annoying tradition is followed in France's Charivari area where the guests keep on making intolerable noises and sounds. They bang on pots and pans. After the guests are done with disturbing the couple, the newly weds are supposed to treat them with snacks and drinks.

In Mauritania: Conditions apply 'only fat brides required'

In Northwest Africa, the bride is expected to be as fat as possible. They believe that if the girl's body is bulging with extra pounds of fat, then she decides the richness of her groom. The fat bride indicates that her husband is rich. Although this ritual even invite serious health problems too.


Korea: Beating the groom's feet with dead fish

Yet another crazy wedding ritual comes from South Korea where the groom's feet is beaten with dead fish to gear him up for his first night. Well strange, yet it exists.


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