New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is all set to put the silver screen on fire with his upcoming movie ‘Chennai Express’. In a candid chat with Ajay Brahmatmaj, senior journalist of Dainik Jagran, SRK shared his experience about some of his Chennai Express moments and the movie.

Badshaah of Bollywood says that he was highly fascinated by the response he got from the people of South during shooting of the film. Here, we bring to you some of his experiences he had there:


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Q. As ‘Chennai Express’ has a complete South Indian flavour, it must have been a totally different film for Shah Rukh Khan?

Ans. ‘Chennai Express’ is a unique film and despite a touch of south Indian language, it is easy for anyone to comprehend its dialogues. Some of them are in Tamil but the audiences are bound to burst into laughter while watching the film. All credit goes to Rohit Shetty and the team. As I said earlier, ‘Chennai Express’ beautifully sends us the message that it’s not the language but the bonding, love and affection that make relations.

Q.  Do you think, language plays a pivotal role for the audience in accepting a movie?

Ans. Let’s take it this way. Many of my audience are from non-Hindi regions as well as other countries. But they like my movies and appreciate my work. I had the same experience in England. People loved me there too. Surprisingly, the youths, who are our third generation and who hardly follow Hindi, also like my movies. This shows people love one’s work and performance, no matter what the language you know.

Q. How did you find South India for an actor of Hindi cinema?

Ans. I have a huge fan following from South especially from Kerala. Shooting in South India was an unforgettable experience for me. The people accepted me whole-heartedly. While we were shooting in Munnar, I got the opportunity to interact with the locals on several occasions. The crowd was very friendly. I interacted with some elderly women while shooting in a tea garden in Munnar. I narrated the dialogues from my movies and conversed with them in Hindi. They hardly understood me but interestingly, we had a memorable time.

Q. Do you enjoy meeting with your fans?

Ans. With the passing age and time, I enjoy meeting with my fans and well-wishers more. But I hardly get opportunity to converse with them in public as things often go wrong due to heavy crowd and poor management.

(To Be Continued)

Ajay Brahmatmaj/JPN

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