"The shortening of the telomeres has an influence of around 30 percent on an individual's ageing process," said Angel Durantez, who specializes in this new medical technique that treats aging in a holistic and scientific way, re-establishing metabolic and endocrine balance in order to ward off age-related illnesses.

Telomeres are the most sensitive bio indicators of an individual's aging process.

"It's not an aesthetic or a cosmetic medicine, but it does have a direct effect on beauty. We're talking about treatment from inside out," the sports medicine specialist said.

The shortening and reduction of telomeres exposes cells to mutations and as a result, to the appearance of illnesses. The measurement of telomeres, without diagnosing any illness, shows how the cells are doing and their relationship with an individual's biological age.

Stress has a determining effect on health and decisively influences the shortening of the telomeres, as do the lack of exercise and an inadequate lifestyle. "How life treats you depends on how you treat life," Durantez said.

Nonetheless, with adequate diagnosis and treatment, "the telomeres can be lengthened," the specialist said.


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