New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal, a significant member of Team Anna, has sent his reply to breach of privilege notices for their remarks against Parliamentarians even before the stipulated time.

In his reply on Monday, Kejriwal has sought for tapes and transcripts of the speeches made by him which the Members of Parliament have found offensive.

The letter which was addressed to Mukul Pande, director in Rajya Sabha secretariat, included responses to all the three allegations made on Kejriwal.

Kejriwal writes, “I have gone through the notice but unable to find words allegedly used by me, which were telecast by a news channel, that MPs found derogatory. The notice reads the complaint about the words alleged to have been said by me at Ramlila Maidan. However, it does not mentions the words used. So, I request to kindly provide me copies of the tapes of my speech along with the transcripts and indicate the words used by me in those speeches, which offended Hon'ble Members of Parliament."

“I would be able to provide a detailed response only after receiving the material asked,” he said.

On 3rd September, Kejriwal had received the notice from Rajya Sabha Secretariat stating the complaints of Rajya Sabha MPs Jesudasu Seelam and Mohammad Adeeb for using the derogatory words against the two MPs.

Along with Kejriwal, Kiran Bedil and Prashant Bhushan have also received breach of privilege notice.