New Delhi: People with non-aligned teeth are no longer conscious to show off their new braces and their confidence level has gone a level up. Thanks to the latest trend of colourful, florescent braces that kids as well as youngsters love to flaunt.

So here is the latest trend and that is to flaunt red, blue, yellow, pink, green teeth. Most people are getting these braces put just for style. Dr Arunima Singhal of Leysha's Dental Polyclinic said, "These colourful braces are not different from the regular ones. They are just colourful and more stylish. I have so many people coming to the clinic who have beautiful teeth yet they want to put braces because of their colour."

She further adds, "If people want to put these braces just for fashion they must inform the doctor as in that case arch of the braces is not tightened. Also people who have put braces must go for ortho brush and mouth wash otherwise there are chances of problem in the gums."

High cost of Rs 35,000 is not stopping people from going for coloured braces. They smile with full colours.

Seema Nangia, a 20-year-old girl who has gone for neon braces said, "My braces are like florescent yellow coloured and I have opted for them because they look much better than the steel braces. Also, many of my friends have put coloured braces and they all look good. They only inspired me go for neon braces. Though they are a little expensive yet they are good as they give a girly look. Also I can get the colour of my braces changed at any time, which I will do after a month."

These braces do not have any drawbacks. They are more like a fashion accessory rather than a tool to treat the teeth. Senior consultant and dental surgeon Dr Ajay Sharma for Max Healthcare said, "This is a cosmetic era and children from 10 years to teenagers go for coloured braces. Earlier metallic braces were put but now it seems that no one likes those braces. Some people opt for fully coloured braces and some go for the colourful wire only. The basic objective of these braces remains the same as of getting the teeth aligned."

Material used
* Stainless steel
* Ceramic: The ligatures hold the arch wire on to the ceramic brackets
* Nickel titanium

* They look trendy
* Help in treating non-aligned teeth
* Treatement of time duration is same
* You can change the colour of the braces whenever you want to


Easily available with most of the dentists.


The price is 30 to 35 percent higher than the price of normal braces.

Colours of braces available

Green, Purple, Neon braces, Glitter braces, Red, Pink Blue and Multi-coloured

(Courtesy: City Plus)