Whether it is long or short, flared or fit, trendy skirts are probably the most favorite among the women. Indian women like the stylish pleated skirt, ruffle skirt, straight skirt, fish cut wrap around skirt and many more. Skirt is not just a western dress. The best thing about skirt is that you can wear them for all occasions, whether for daily wear, informal wear or formal wear. But most of the women think that it suits only on slim figured girls. But this is a wrong perception; it goes well with any body type. But before wearing it you have to choose right style of skirts that suits your body type.

Body shape: Pear:

-    Layered or a-line skirt suits well on you.

-    Waist fitted skirt draws people’s attraction on your slim waist rather than your hip area.

-     Avoid wearing pleat detailing skirt.

-    Don’t prefer light colour as it is not good option for you.  Instead of big printed skirt play with small prints.

-    But best option for you is to prefer single or dark coloured skirt. Choose pretty printed tops. Because it grab people’s attentions on your upper part.

-    Tuck your tops with skirt and wear it.

-    To look more attractive, wear chunky accessories like neckpiece, bangles or hair accessories.

Body shape: straight:

-    For giving a perfect shape to your body, wear ruffles or frill skirt. Even mini skirt goes well with your body type.

-    Light coloured skirt is the best option for you.

-    Wear tops made by soft fabrics like muslin, satin or lace. Because it will give curvy look to your body.

-    Don’t wear short skirt because your legs and waist area capture people’s attraction more.

-    Wear footwear like wedges, peep-toes or booties because it enhances your personality more.

-    Carry sized cups and metallic box clutch in accessories.

Body shape: apple:

-    The problem area is your upper body part so wear pencil skirt, it suits you well.

-    Keep skirt length on knee level or little bit longer.

-    Prefer dark colour rather than going for light shades.

-    Avoid wearing tight fitted tops. Light work on your top neckline is better option for you.

-    Wear peep-toe shoes because it will enhance your height.

-    Carry stylish heavy handbags or heavy bangles. Do not wear neckpiece and prefer chandelier as earrings.

Type of skirts:

Godet skirts: A skirt which incorporates triangular inserts (called "godets") between seams near the bottom hem, introducing a strong bell-like flare. Godets tend to influence and enhance the movement of the skirt.

Mermaid skirt (fishtail skirt): A skirt which incorporates flayers in the bottom and it is fitted with top to knee.

Wrap skirt: A skirt which comes in rectangular fabric and you can wrap it around your waist.

Straight skirt: Without cutting, figure-hugging skirts.

A-line: An A-line skirt is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

Courtesy: Sakhi/JPN