The Ram Janmabhoomi issue is a burning issue and no government can ignore it, be it in a majority or not. It is a big issue, not only for 'Ram Bhakts'. It is not a difficult task for the government to resolve it and if it wants, it can start negotiations and it will become easier, he said.

The former Faizabad MP, in which Ayodhya falls, said earlier there was no court verdict in "favour" of the Ram Janmabhoomi issue and now that it is there, it will be easier.

On the stand taken by the NDA, which cites lack of majority in Rajya Sabha for not going ahead, Katiyar said, "Let it be brought in Lok Sabha where the government has thumping majority and then place it in Rajya Sabha and people be apprised of what all the government has been doing to keep its promise of Ram Temple.

"This will clear doubts from the minds of the people about our intentions and also expose those who are indulging in propaganda that we are not serious over the issue," he said.

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